TVOO Luxurious Body Butter-Cream

TVOO Luxurious Body Butter-Cream

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After searching for a natural and nourishing body butter (and I’ve probably tried them all) and coming up short, I decided to research and create one that met some very crucial criteria. It had to be healing, nourishing, hydrating, made from the best organic ingredients, calm and improve the texture of your skin, not contain any animal products, fight aging and fine lines and wrinkles. After months of research and studying properties of ingredients, these 13 were hand-picked to provide a range of benefits. 
The “Magic 13” ingredients are carefully blended, then hand-whipped to a silky buttercream perfection that nourishes your skin with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, moisturizes and hydrates, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, prevents collagen degradation, decreases hyperpigmentation, enhances cell turnover, helps balance skin’s pH, tightens skin, shrinks large pores and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. There is natural UV protection of spf 3-4, great to use with another sunscreen for protection. Use: daily all over after showering to trap moisture, rub into elbows, knees, heels...anywhere that needs moisture for all-day protection.

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