Intro for Julie Brochu!

Intro for Julie Brochu!

Hi Friends and Fans!


Charles Flach here on Julie's Blog.  I wanted to take a minute and introduce you to Julie Brochu.  The smartest woman I know.  Yes, and she's also my wife, and best friend!  

She will be kicking off her new blog page right here on our website beginning this Friday at 7:30am.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates when she blogs.  This is going to be some very interesting reading.  And you can even get involved yourself.  Want to make a comment?  Ask a question?  She'll be very eager to read what y'all have to say or ask and will respond accordingly!




Charles Flach

The Virgin Olive Oiler

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Sharon Hutchins - May 11, 2020

Hi Julie,
I’m the RN that spoke to you yesterday about the interest in the olive oil you mentioned in our conversation over the phone. Please add my name to your list. I look forward to reading your blogs and gaining knowledge on your various topics!

kathy digiovanni - May 11, 2020

Julie I am a friend of Deb Phillips and she told me about your latest olive oil and was hoping you could let me know when the high polyphenol oil is coming out .


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