Our Pets and EVOO - Blog # 19

Our Pets and EVOO - Blog # 19

Happy Friday Everyone!! This week I’m addressing the question of whether or not it’s safe to give our Fur-Babies EVOO and hopefully extend their lives as well as our own. The answer is an emphatic YES!! Let’s look at the evidence.

There have been many studies evaluating the effects of fatty acids on inflammation and disease and the effects on human health. Many of the preliminary studies on different fatty acids were done using experimental animals. Here are some of the animal models used in research: Mice, rats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, birds, dogs, sheep gerbils, bats, ferrets, chinchillas, goats, horses and even non-human primates. We have them to thank for many advances in our health and nutrition. Animal models are essential in forwarding our understanding of metabolic, physiological, molecular and biochemical function as well as diet and genetic background implications on those functions. For example, “research now being conducted to understand the role of vitamin A and carotenoids in reducing the severity of infectious diseases also can be traced back to studies with animals first reported in the late 1920’s.” “Animal models have played important roles in both the discovery and validation of biomarkers that are useful for assessing micronutrient status in humans.” It makes sense that what we learn from other common animal models (down to the lowly worm) has relevance to human biology. “Omega fatty acids have an impact on every cell in your dog or cat’s body. They contribute to a healthy skin and coat, brain function and eye health, as well as gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and immune support.” Here are the top 3 oils that add beneficial Omega fatty acids to your pet’s diet:

EVOO - rich in omega 9 Oleic Acid. EVOO is also rich in vitamins A, E, D, and K and has powerful antioxidants as well. A study was done on mice comparing the effects of Oleic Acid (VOO), Soybean Oil, Elaidic and Stearic Acid (saturated fat) on blood pressure. They demonstrated only Oleic Acid reduced systolic blood pressure as early as 3-4 days after high olive oil intake. Not only were marked reductions in blood pressure observed, but they were stable. It is not only safe for our pets, but very beneficial. Not only can we add EVOO to their diets, but it can be used on dry skin or on ears to help prevent infection. If your dog or cat gets a sore, EVOO can sooth and help it heal. Remember that high polyphenol EVOO is loaded with anti inflammatory properties and vitamins as well as being anti-microbial!

Hemp Seed Oil: Rich in linoleic, linolenic and gamma-linolenic acid (omega 3 fatty acids). Also rich in high quality protein (25%).

Krill Oil: Contain omega 3 fatty acids EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahaexaenoic Acid) and astaxanthin (keto-carotenoid). These reduce inflammation and risk of heart disease, support brain function and eye health.

Our pets can develop the same health problems we get, why not combat them with EVOO? As we know by now, EVOO provides protection from inflammatory-driven diseases such as cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders, increasing longevity and quality of life. It also benefits the skin and coats of our pets. Got hairballs? Put a teaspoon a day in your cat’s food or try putting it on the backs of their paws. Cats are obsessive groomers and will make short work of licking it off. Not only does it help the hairball situation, but after giving to my 18 year-old rescued cat, his joint pain went away and he began to jump again. We were stunned at how frisky he became. He seemed to have more energy and no joint pain. We also noticed his coat was shinier. You can also treat around the ears if they seem to have itchy ears. If you have a dog, try beating 1-2 teaspoons of EVOO with an egg for a special treat. Your dog will love it! 

So, until next time my friends, share a little EVOO with your best furry pal. They will thank you for it. Drink, drizzle, digest high polyphenol EVOO, eat fatty fish, drink lots of water, get quality sleep, give your gut a good pre/probiotic, exercise your body and mind. #EVOO

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