Peruvian Ultra Arbequina - Medium Intensity

Peruvian Ultra Arbequina - Medium Intensity

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Medium Intensity

This is a wonderful, very aromatic, floral, early-harvest Arbequina oil from Peru.  It has that wonderful, fresh fruit taste of berries and sweet apple.  It is also slightly buttery, and nutty like sweet almond meat with a soft, rounded mouth feel.  This Arbequina oil is very complex, because it also has several green, herbal characteristics such as artichoke, green apple, and mint, with a nice, light, spicy finish of black pepper.

*Polyphenols:  396 ppm
*FFA:  .22
*Oleic Acid: 61.2
*Peroxide: 10.1

Crush Date: MAY 2023
Country of origin: PERU

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