Leonardi Ginepro 20 Year Balsamic

Leonardi Ginepro 20 Year Balsamic

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Very few producers (if any) can claim having a batteria made entirely of ancient juniper wood. Ginepro (juniper) is a limited-number bottling from a 20-year travassi barrel of a batteria made entirely of juniper-wood barrels. 

Do you remember the smell when you used to sharpen your pencils? That is the first image that comes to mind along with opening a drawer or a closet made of old cedar wood. Clean, polished, so aromatic it brings back childhood memories.

Think fire: meats on a grill or a spit, sizzling hot, then sliced and drizzled with this unique woody and smoky condiment. The aroma of juniper will exalt and enhance the herbaceous quality of any piece of lamb, especially if slow roasted on an open flame. Squab, quail, pheasant, venison and also rabbit benefit from its strong licorice flavor. A drop on a Gin Martini is absolute indulgence.

  • 100ml

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