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Toasted Sweet Onion Sea Salt
Description Toasted Onion Sea Salt brings together real toasted onions with natural sea salt in...
starting at $4.95
Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sea Salt
Description Warning: This is our HOTTEST fusion variety sea salt!  This blend of all natural...
Vanilla Bean Sea Salt
Description Vanilla Bean Sea Salt is certainly salty, but carries a warm, creamy vanilla bouquet....
starting at $4.95
Vintage Merlot Sea Salt
Description Vintage Merlot Sea Salt is a fusion of complex, rich red wine from local...
starting at $4.95
White Truffle Sea Salt
Description Earthy, fragrant, softly reminiscent of garlic and onion, White Truffle Sea Salt is a...
starting at $13.95
Wild Porcini Sea Salt
Description Wild Porcini Sea Salt is an all-natural blend of gently dried porcini mushrooms and...
starting at $10.95