Lone Star Bee Co. Honey Gift Set (4 Pack)

Lone Star Bee Co. Honey Gift Set (4 Pack)

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The Lone Star Bee Co. Honey Gift Set includes one bottle each of: 

Blackland Prairie Wildflower Honey - We now offer a plain raw honey from the Blackland Prairie located in central Texas!  This raw wildflower honey is provided by beekeepers who harvest their multi-floral honey from a narrow swath of land of nearly 20,000 square miles. The Blackland Prairie of Texas ranges from the Red River, on the Texas-Oklahoma border, through Dallas / Fort Worth, down to San Antonio. 

Fiery Sweet Mesquite Honey - In our exploration, we’ve discovered that sweet Texas mesquite honey is the perfect honey to infuse with fiery peppers. Our peppers are always fresh; never frozen or dehydrated.

Lucky Lime & Sea Salt Clover Honey - We’ve also discovered that limes and sea salt go well with fragrant Texas clover honey. Each bottle includes finely granulated Mediterranean Sea salt and natural limes; no artificial flavors or extracts. 

Tuscan Blue Rosemary & Black Pepper-This delicious small-batch, handcrafted, rosemary infused honey has a piney aroma and a distinctive sharp flavor. Just a hint of black pepper gives this honey an added earthy tone. It has a use in everything from meat and poultry, to vegetables, cheeses, baked goods, and even cocktails. It can be added to a marinade or combined with butter to melt over many finished dishes.

Ingredients include fresh cut rosemary from Patty's Herbs located in Pearsall, Texas.  We do not use ultra-filtration and we do not heat our honeys to high temperatures.



Our infused honeys are carefully hand-crafted in small batches for the very best results. The squeezable honey bottle comes boxed in fun packaging that shares information on the origin of the honey and suggested pairings.  Not only is the packaging informative, its attractive design makes our honeys a great gift for family, friends and clients!
12 Ounces Net Wt. Each

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